The city of Frankfurt introduces itself:

Frankfurt is a  very dynamic city  and an international financial and exhibition center. Frankfurt combines the most imposing skyline in Germany with many sightseens and large green parks.

Here you will meet several time the most famous son of the city: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. You can visit his birthplace in the street called "Große Hirschgraben". The building from the 17th century was completely bombed during the second  World War, but after the the house was completely reconstruited faithfully.

The "Römerberg", called at the beginning "Samstagsberg", since the 9th century was served for markets, fairs and tournaments. There took also place public executions and coronations of many emperors. In the middle of the square you can see the Fountain of Justice. The fountain is the first fountain of Frankfurt and is a Justice with a scale and a sword. Only few steps  from the fountain away, a plaque commemorates the " Bücherverbrennung", the book burning ordered by the Nazis  in 1933.

The Frankfurt Cathedral stands with its 95 meter high tower over downtown Frankfurt. With the restoration after the war, in  1948 the cathedral was given its present appearance.

The St. Paul's Church symbolizes democracy and national unity. Here was the seat of the first all-German parliament.

Other places of interest:

Zoo Frankfurt am Main


Alte Oper Frankfurt

Museum River


The Frankfurt is a green city with many recreational opportunities. It has a very large number of parks: about 50 green spaces distributed in all parts of the city!

Here are a couple:

Hokzhausen Park


botanical garden




Ost Park

The old airfield Bonames, out of order and now a very interesting biotope.